Love, Hope + Transportation, The Malvinas

Love, Hope + Transportation, The Malvinas

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This album is also available on The Malvinas - Love, Hope + Transportation

"Somewhere up in the heavenly skies, a celestial Malvina must be smiling upon her earthy diamonds."

- Dan Willging

Album Track List:
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1. Mud    
2. Eve Takes the Fall    
3. WestJet Ticket Counter    
4. Eastward Bound    
5. Sweet and Sunny South    
6. Hope is a River    
7. St. Anthony    
8. Che Guevara    
9. Perihelic Opposition of Mars    
10. Waltz of the Rear View Mirror    
11. What's Wrong with Trying?    
12. On a Limb    
13. Everywhere (live bonus track)    
14. Ordinary Blues (live bonus track)