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Soona's Winter Song

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, with snow to her haunches awaiting the turning light! We hope during this quiet time of year a warm fire and warming drink of your choice factor into each and every day.

Here at Soona Central we are drinking lots of cocoa and keeping warm with work! Promotion continues for Radiophonic's The Proud Ones; Kevin Elliott's Patterns of Blue is due; The Malvinas are aiming for the studio; a new Lisa Markley jazz release is emerging; Esteemed CEO is still self-recording; and we have some new Soona Snacks up to tease your ears...

First, a word from Esteemed CEO:

Looking for that perfect wintertime Valentine? Try a nice old-fashioned album from the Soona Songs Store. Our wide selection of CDs can satisfy any musical taste... one size fits all! Also available in 96k FLAC, plain old FLAC, and mp3. Thank you.

Ghost Dog notes that The Proud Ones, by Radiophonic is not only a great album, but our latest release, and we hope you will buy a copy, or download.

Kevin Elliott's Patterns of Blue is approaching completion in the usual slow and steady, hey, we're doin' art here, Soona process. Final mixes, mastering (by John Scrip), a little graphic design - look for copies to be available at the thaw!

A number of Soona Arteests gathered in Lafayette, Louisiana in January to celebrate the wedding of Malvinas member Gina Forsyth to Jan Boney! The party moved on to New Orleans, where all three Malvinas played a reunion show at The Neutral Ground. This has led to more than rumor of a third Malvinas release... Ghost Dog's 8 ball says "very likely."

From NOLA, Esteemed CEO sent Lisa Markley and Bruce Balmer (the Orchestra) back to Dallas with the mixes from their 2014 recording session. Ghost Dog's ears were very happy, hoping for a Lisa Markley and the Bruce Balmer Orchestra release soon.

Ghost Dog can report a third Marilyn Duncan (aka Esteemed CEO) album is on the way... it has only been ten years since the last one, we don't like to rush things.

New Soona Snacks!
  • To lift our spirits with a sad love song... When Summer Comes Again from Beth Cahill's album Songs for Sarah.
  • To shake us into action... Big Blue Whale from Bruce Balmer's album Get Outta Park.
  • And the longest song in our catalog, Wiley Herman Duncan from Marilyn Duncan's album Departures, which features the members of Radiophonic doing their Americana best, and the amazing Gina Forsyth on fiddle. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, we wish you warm and safe as we wait for spring to thaw us out, and thanks for supporting independent music, especially ours.


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