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Soona's Holidaze Edition

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping you are well and in tail-wagging fit condition as we begin the downhill run to the Holidaze (also known as gifting season)!

Here at Soona Central, things are squirrel chasing busy: Radiophonic's The Proud Ones promotion continues; Kevin Elliott's Patterns of Blue is almost release ready; Esteemed CEO has actually started her next album; plus we have some new gluten free, calorie free, Soona Snacks!

But first a word from Esteemed CEO -

Where to find the perfect gift, something unique, something musical, something cheap? Especially for friends and family who have yet to master the secrets of downloads! There is nothing like a nice Compact Disc, to have and to hold. You will find a wide selection in our Soona Store - everything from Radiophonic's rock, to Lisa Markley's jazz, with folk, blues, pop, roots and more... check them out, and I promise to personally gift wrap your purchase! Thank you.

Ghost Dog was very pleased to see Radiophonic's The Proud Ones made the first round of Grammy nominations. As we await the results, have a listen, and see if you agree with WETS-FM DJ Mike Strickland that "this is a great album!"

The final touches are underway for Kevin Elliott's next release, Patterns of Blue. It is on track to be passed through the critical ears of mixing man Graham Duncan and mastering guru John Scrip, of Massive Mastering for a February release!

Ghost Dog can report that Esteemed CEO has her list of songs and is recording them between her other Soona duties. This may take a while, but the goal is a summer 2016 release... watch this space.

New Soona Snacks! Download and enjoy!
  • A cheerful ditty by J Paul Slavens (on piano) from Lisa Markley's release One Word, You Told Me So, with Jeffrey Barnes on Clarinet and Bach Wilder Norwood on bass.
  • From Bruce Balmer's latest release, Get Outta Park, one of his contemplative tunes - and Ghost Dog's favorite - The End of Times.
  • As a representative of adolescent angst midst the holiday season, from Radiophonic's The Proud Ones, Disappoint.
  • And from Kevin Elliott's, It's a Circus Here, Dolores the moving ballad, Where the Songs are Silent.

Meanwhile, from all of us at Soona Songs, heartfelt good wishes for the very best of celebrations, for all you are celebrating... and many thanks for supporting independent music, especially ours!


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