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Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping you are keeping cool through these lovely summer days and finding plenty of time to enjoy some music!

Things are rocking and hopping at Soona Central with the July 10 release of Radiophonic's new album The Proud Ones; Kevin Elliott's new album is in the mixer; Live recording has begun at Soona Songs Studio; and we have some new Soona Snacks up.

But first a word from Esteemed CEO -

Consider collectibles - there is nothing like giving a gift that keeps on giving. Show you care - find a nice album in our Soona Songs Store and buy the CD for someone who doesn't know how to download. Thank you.

Now Available! Radiophonic - The Proud Ones

Our geographically challenged, multi-talented alt/rock band has brought forth another musical masterpiece. Dark as a bluegrass ballad, timely as the evening news, social commentary weaves through Brian Aldsworth's and Graham Duncan's layered guitars, Daniel Loyd's bass, and is locked in place with the driving rhythm of Michael Galante's drums. Graham provides the vocal and these songs will weave into your subconscious. Beautifully mastered by John Scrip of Massive Mastering, Ghost Dog recommends listening on repeat.

Radiophonic in the Soona Songs studio

Kevin Elliott's new project is presently in the mixing machine. Title, artwork, and song selection have all come together with uncharacteristic speed for a Soona project. Patterns of Blue will be available this fall!

In addition to recording all our own artists, Soona Songs is ready to offer our recording services to lucky artists who happen our way! Check out our Studio page and learn about our live recording and plain old regular sessions too! Esteemed CEO will be happy to talk to you about your project.

Soona Snacks - for your download enjoyment
  • From our new release The Proud Ones, the song Sure, because we are sure you will want to buy the entire album.
  • From an old release Departures, Esteemed CEO's song Fly, which happens to feature the members of Radiophonic, yes they are indeed multi-talented.
  • And from Beth Cahill's album Songs for Sarah, Black Sheep, which also features Radiophonic members Graham Duncan and Michael Galante.

We are past the solstice - Ghost Dog wishes you a happy rest of the summer and reminds you to keep your tail from under that porch rocker. We also wish to thank you for supporting independent music, especially ours.


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