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"Listen to Bruce Balmer's Get Outta Park for the cool, eclectic guitar playing and the lyrical, gleam-in-the-eye rhymeplay and wordplay."
- Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine

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New Soona Songs Release!

Greetings Soonaphiles!

Ghost Dog here, hoping everyone has ears perked and tails wagging! The Soona crew has returned safely from another excellent Folk Alliance conference, warmed by friends old and new, great ideas, and plenty to do.

Here at Soona Central we are very excited with the release of Bruce Balmer's Get Outta Park, the impending release of Radiophonic's new album, preproduction for Kevin Elliot's second Soona Songs release, and Esteemed CEO's plan to lure The Malvinas into the studio to record their next album!

A word from Esteemed CEO:

Buy a CD! Thank you.

Look for the Dallas Bruce Balmer Get Outta Park CD Release concert at the Bath House Cultural Center on Saturday, March 15. Houston, Austin, Athens, and Marfa, TX, and Johnson City, TN all to follow. If you can't make it to a show, buy the album in the Soona Songs Store!

Even as Ghost Dog speaks, the final touches are being added to the second release from Radiophonic. Our geographically challenged rockers are planning a primarily digital release, although Esteemed CEO likes to have some actual copies around so some CDs will be available.

Some wonderful new Kevin Elliott songs are in the preproduction hopper and will find their way to the studio sometime this summer.

The Malvinas (Beth Cahill, Gina Forsyth, and Lisa Markley) once again wowed everyone at Folk Alliance with their annual rehearsal. Esteemed CEO figures it is time and will be doing her best to bring them together. More later!

Meanwhile, enjoy a new Soona Snack!

  • To lighten your mood, from Kevin Elliott's It's a Circus Here, Dolores: "Prettiest Girl in AA".
  • And to make you happy, from Beth Cahill's Songs for Sarah: "Sarah with the Blue Eyes".

Wishing you an early spring, and thanking you for supporting independent music, especially ours.


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